Elina Maligina
Helen Ora

Creative Advisor

I advise CEOs, entrepreneurs and the business world on how to expand the vision

Creative Director

I create spaces, experiences, movies, performances, business ventures

Creative Writer

I put things into words that influence decisions and unite people with ideas and visions

I see what people don't

21 Creative Principles

The Process is the Result

The World is What Happens

Creation is Inevitable

Everyhing or Nothing

I Become Who I Work With

Use it If You Want or Don't

Call Me I Don't Do Email

Technology Won't Save Us

Time is an Illusion We Have

Paper and Pencil is Enough

Creativity Generates Wealth

Catch Me If You Can or Don’t

Space —Colour—Shape—Text

Nature is the Best Designer

Colour Outside the Lines

Endings birth the Beginnings

Whispers are Louder Than Shouts

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